Probate Litigation

Do you fear that your elderly relative or loved one is being taken advantage of financially? If so, Nor-Cal-Law's independent attorneys will aggressively represent the legal rights and financial interests of Northern California families whose elders have been victimized by predatory practices.

Perhaps a loved one recently passed on and left a last will and testament to provide for their close and dear family members, and now a 'long-lost' relative has come out of the woodwork with false claims about what they are entitled to. Or, perhaps, that loved one's will was mysteriously altered in the last few months or days of their life, leaving most or all of their estate to a caretaker or a new friend.

You can trust our caring probate litigation and elder abuse attorneys' extensive litigation experience and knowledge of probate law to right any wrong that's been done. Nor-Cal-Law is prepared to vigorously represent any party in will contests or probate litigation.

You and your loved one may be the victim of undue influence or elder abuse, including a will that may have been altered shortly before the decedent's passing. A Nor-Cal Lawyer can challenge the validity of a will on grounds of mental capacity or notarization, or defended an estate from challenges by omitted heirs and beneficiaries.

Your skilled, aggressive attorney can help you stop, or undo, elder fraud and undue influence of a senior citizen. How?