Family Law

Family Law may be the most financially disruptive and emotionally destructive area of law. No one gets married expecting to divorce, so irreconcilable differences leave both spouses feeling hurt and angry.

We understand the emotional and financial issues that you face during a child custody matter or divorce. Your ex may be trying to get even by punishing you financially. Worse, he or she may be using your children to threaten, punish, or bully you. In situations like this, it is morally wrong not to defend yourself.

Studies show that most family law cases are handled without attorneys. Without a tough, experienced, and compassionate attorney you may be taken advantage of by an ex who decides to lie, cheat, and steal. Fabrication of evidence, perjury, false claims of domestic violence and child abuse - all kinds of dishonest behavior can be planned and executed upon an unsuspecting person. An experienced attorney can often help the court get a better picture of what is happening by identifying and bringing before the court evidence that sets the record straight.

Nor-Cal-Law's independent attorneys have the skills, experience, compassion, and strength to handle all types of dissolution matters, including the following:

Let a Nor-Cal Lawyer help you with filings and other pre- or post-divorce issues, including but not limited to wills and living trusts. Divorce is a major life transition; you will need a strong, understanding advocate.