Unlawful Detainer

An "Unlawful Detainer" action is the legal term of art for eviction. It is a special proceeding in California courts which, unlike most actions in court, can occur very quickly and is subject to a highly specialized set of rules that can create headaches for everyone, even attorneys. An unlawful detainer action, depending on the circumstances, can last fifteen days or six months.

Whether you are a landlord trying to evict an unruly tenant who refuses to pay rent, or a tenant who is the victim of an unscrupulous landlord, I can help you.

As a landlord, you can lose a good deal of money by trying to save money and doing it yourself. Even if you are a "perfect landlord" with a perfect property, delaying tactics by tenants can cost you months and months of rental income. If there are any problems at all with the property, your potential financial exposure to a tenant's lawsuit increases.

As a tenant, trying to do oppose an eviction on your own can land you in the street fast. Landlord-tenant law is complicated, and you have rights to protect that you may not even know about. Don't risk losing your home and having to find a new place to live with a recent eviction on your credit report. If you're involved in an eviction - or if you think that you might be soon - you need protection, counsel, and advice. You need to call Nor-Cal-Law at 707-544-1134.