Skilled Defense

Nor-Cal-Law's independent attorneys know how burdensome it is to be charged with a crime, or to be investigated for a criminal offense. You will have questions and concerns, and you will need a lawyer who can provide you with answers.

If you are being investigated by a law enforcement agency, you need someone to act proactively - to try to prevent the District Attorney and law enforcement from filing a case in the first place. Never speak to law enforcement without first consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer!

If charges have already been filed against you, it's not too late to help. You need a skilled, experienced, conscientious lawyer to take immediate action. You need a lawyer to start solving the problem, to guide you through each step of the process, and to vigorously advocate for you in court and in negotiations with the District Attorney.

A skilled, honest attorney will guide you through important decisions in your case and formulate a strategy to obtain your objectives. Whether it is preventing a criminal filing, trying for a dismissal or pre-trial release, getting a bail reduction, negotiating the best plea bargain possible, exploring jail alternatives and alternative sentencing, or bringing pre-trial motions before fighting a fiercely contested trial, a strong advocate will work hard to meet your objectives!

In a criminal case, time is of the essence. Check out the attorney profiles, practice areas, and payment options available to you. Don't wait - call for a free consultation and start getting out from behind the 8-ball today.

Nor-Cal-Law proudly represents the people of the North Bay in any court, at any time, against any odds and any charge: DUI, Drug Possession, Probation Violations, Domestic Violence, Medical Marijuana, Trafficking, Transportation, Elder Abuse, Computer Crimes, Assault, Battery, Solicitation and Pandering, Firearms and Weapons offenses, Robbery, Gang Crimes, Financial Crimes, Property Crimes, Theft, Fraud, Driving without a license, Driving with a suspended license, Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, and Violent Crimes.